Tree Pruning

Pruning a tree affects its appearance and health.
“A tree pruned properly is a tree that has retained its natural beauty.”
The most common practice performed by tree specialists is pruning. I take great care to evaluate the needs of each specimen individually, and apply the proper techniques to achieve the desired objective. All of my pruning recommendations are based on the ANSI A300 Pruning Standards (see below), recognized by professional Arborists nationwide. Furthermore, I take a “green” and “natural” approach to the actual pruning work with the very minimal and “only when necessary” use of chainsaws and pole saws. This insures the responsibility of the trimmer in the making of a proper (and smaller) cut through the use of handsaws and pole loppers (see Branch Collar and Branch Bark Ridge). My style also eliminates scarring on the bark and into cambium layer with the added bonus of a relatively noise and pollution free work site. I take great pride in my pruning work! The best compliment that my climbers/trimmers and I can get is “It looks as though you didn’t touch it”. We do not TOP trees and spikes are NEVER worn unless a tree is to be removed!

American National Standards Institute

recognized by professional Arborists nationwide

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